When Development Coordinator, Cara Jones, began sharing her yoga teaching with the L’Arche Community she noticed how committed core member, Lisa Leuschner, was to her practice. One of the core values of L’Arche is “partnership” and Cara saw an opportunity to ask Lisa if she would be interested in learning how to teach with her during classes. The partnership was a success and after some discussion, Cara and Lisa realized they could take this gift of yoga to the larger Antigonish community and offer classes by donation. This would enable people to learn about L’Arche while offering affordable and accessible opportunities to experience the benefits of yoga. Karma Yoga is the yoga of action done with awareness, detachment, and Love. With the desire to bring Karma Yoga to the entire community Lisa & Cara decided to pitch their idea to the Awesome Antigonish Foundation. The funding would enable them to order yoga blocks, bolster and new mats. Although they did not receive the funding, due to the high competition of great ideas, their presentation was well received and within a couple of days, an anonymous donor contributed $1200 to the initiative. Lisa & Cara were thrilled! The initiative includes 5 volunteer professional yoga teachers from Antigonish and began in the Spring. They have had three classes so far and even though the first class they thought nobody was going to show up, they were so happy and excited when Board member Brianne Peters joined them! The second class was a special class held outside to celebrate Pride Month and Lisa & Cara were excited to see such an incredible turnout. Now there is a buzz in the community and the classes are beginning to take flight. If you would like to attend a Karma Yoga class make sure to subscribe to our mailing list and follow us on social media. L’Arche Antigonish depends on kind donors like you. Donate today and help change the world…one heart at a time.