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The Gift – L’Arche Play

Each year, our community members come together to present our Christmas play, The Gift. A time of lively entertainment featuring many acts, including dancing, music, and drama, The Gift is a time of celebration for our community that invites the public to join us as we embark on an original and unique adventure about the journey of 4th Wise Man/Woman as they travel seeking the newborn Messiah. 

As I start 2018 with a heart filled with
gratitude and hope, and also some doubt and
fear, I look back onto the year that was. I
close my eyes and I see Christian Gerro, our
Fourth Wise Man who went on a journey to
meet the Child who was to be King. Of all the
Wise men, our guy was kind of unprepared
and confused. He was left behind by the
others who wanted to be first. He was not
your ordinary Magus. He did not have any
gift. Or so he thought.

This is the story of “The Gift,” the play staged
at the Bauer Theatre by L’Arche Antigonish
for many years now. And I have to say, each
time we do it I am always, always blown
away by the magic it brings to me and to
many others.

Tina Angustia

Studio Assistant