L’Arche Antigonish

Our homes, day programs, and summer camp offer a variety of learning experiences and foster a spirit of cooperation and a discovery of each others uniqueness. Student volunteers are an integral part of L’Arche Antigonish. Their friendship with L’Arche has allowed us to experience a greater sense of belonging through participation in the various cultural and recreational activities in the area.

Michael & Tom

Our Day Programs

Our day programs have been developed to respond to the gaps in services in our area and to compliment the existing services operated by other groups in Antigonish Town and County. Today our two distinct daytime programs respond to a senior group and a younger adult group who desire more vocational and integrated employment options. Both programs are designed to meet individual needs and are part of L’Arche Antigonish’s values and structures. Click here for more information.

Our Summer Camps

In our ongoing desire at L’Arche Antigonish to reach out to families in our area, we were made aware of the lack of summer programs and activities for students with special needs in our community. These students often had limited summertime opportunities and were often isolated and lonely until school reconvened in September. This awareness lead to meetings with teachers in the local high school who encouraged us to begin a summer camp. Over the last five years, we have been delighted by the new circle of friends and family who have mutually benefited from the summer camp experience. Click here for more information.