L’Arche Antigonish

In L’Arche, people who have intellectual disabilities and those who come to assist share life and daytime activities together in family-like settings that are integrated into local neighbourhoods.  

Our Homes

We have five homes (Covenant, Emmaus, Hope, Dixie, and Jubilee) and one supervised apartment in L’Arche Antigonish. Our homes are located and integrated into the core of Antigonish. Our homes at L’Arche encourage and invite each of us to enter into relationships where we discover our mutuality and interdependence.

Team Work


Each of us participates in the daily tasks of creating a home together. These include such things as preparing meals, washing dishes, cleaning our rooms, taking responsibility for personal care, and managing our individual finances. Additionally, as adults coming from various life and family experiences, we learn about each other’s uniqueness and differences and how these can enrich our lives together.

Connection Through Community

There is a lot of visiting between the multiple households at L’Arche Antigonish and we often welcome our many friends and family to celebrations that make up our community life. We recognize in living together with our differences, we can become a little sign of hope for others.

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